Moulding & Casting

Model Making week 3 – Moulding and Casting 

This week I have mostly been moulding and casting. First, we stuck our sculpey sculpts from last week to a board and glued a paper cup around them and filled it up with an RTV silicone. This will cure over several hours, so we’ll come back to it next week.

Then we filled our gargoyle plaster moulds from last week with latex, which stank pretty bad. We came back to it about an hour later and poured most of the latex back into its container, leaving a thin ‘mask’ of just a few millimetres of latex skin, which we’ll presumably peel out next week.

Then we mixed up an alginate mix and thrust in various body parts until the alginate went off and solidified. I let down the boys’ side by being the only guy not to flip the bird.

We filled the quick drying mould with plaster and later extracted it, picked off the alginate and had a plaster cast that was remarkable in its detail! I’m keen to try this with my baby, but I suspect she’d never stay still for long enough to make it work.

So it was a bit more of a technical week, but I am interested in the creative possibilities of casting and will give that a bit of thought over the next week.


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