A collection of blog posts that feature various photography projects I have attempted.

Edgelands – Smartphone

City 600 – Smartphone

Lumen Songs – Lumen Printing

Lumenchild – Lumen Printing

In the Round – Fisheye

Holy Ground

Pace Egging

Holiday Snaps

Suffer the Children

Down to Durdle Door

Swamp Things

Beautiful Planet

Tricks and Treats – Polaroid

Feeling Blue – Cyanotype

Visual Diary – June – Smartphone

Visual Diary – May – Smartphone

Visual Diary – April – Smartphone

Visual Diary – March – Smartphone

Night at the Museum

Life at the Seaside

Snap Shot

Snap Out of It

Eye of the Needle – Pinhole

Helios Revealed – Solargraphy

The Colour of Lockdown – Smartphone

Days Gone By

Lucifer – Lumen Printing

Timeless Place – Pinhole

Seeing Red – Redscale

Sweet Summer Child – Fisheye

One Walk A Day – Fisheye

Under the Sun – Lumen Printing

Lockdown Lens – Fisheye

Life in Lockdown

Pinholes in Reality – Pinhole

Polaroid Week – Polaroid

Distant Shores

Before and After – Double Exposure

Something Fishy – Fisheye

When She Was Good

Land of the Incas

Double Trouble – Double Exposure

Childhood Memories

Far From Home

Alien Terrain – Fisheye

Stranger Visions

Let It Snow

Pentax 100

Between Worlds – Double Exposure

Otherworlds – Peru

Look of Love

Suffolk Apocalyptic

Double Vision – Double Exposure

Otherworlds – Brazil

Positively Negative

Dark Lands

Folk Noir

Family Album – Manipulation