Casting Lots

Model Making Week 4 – Breaking the Mould

Our fourth modelmaking session was slightly lighter than previous weeks, but also a satisfying conclusion to some of the things we started in previous weeks.

So to start, we cut open our moulds and removed the figures we had previously made. It was nice to reunite with the old bag, although her hat came off on the way out. We then filled the mould with a finecast resin and let that cure.


In the meantime, we talced up our latex gargoyles and pulled them out of their plaster moulds. I was mostly happy with mine – particularly the gnarly buboes that spontaneously appeared. I do feel that what worked well in clay didn’t necessarily translate into latex. I definitely feel that latex is a good option for dolls and puppets for the future – the grotesque possibilities are endlessly exciting.

And that’s that – I now have a rubber Green Man face and no idea what to do with it.


We then popped out our resin casts, and I now have old lady twins. Who knows, perhaps I’ll make some more plaster versions and have millions of the damn things. We gave it a good spray of plastic primer so that we can paint it at our own leisure.

Next week, puppets & props…

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