Happy Krampusnacht

Tonight is the night that the Krampus roam the world, their chains clanking, their whips snapping and their sacks writhing with doomed, naughty children.

So it seems only right to show off my completed Krampus marionette project to inspire a bit of Christmas fear.


Krampus is only one of many folk figures that are associated with Christmas and with Father Christmas, and perhaps next year I will make a Knecht Ruprecht, or a Gryla (and Yule Cat), or a Belznickel or maybe even the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

Although a little bit awkward, I am generally pleased with how my Krampus has turned out. He is a combination of super sculpey, milliput, wire, cotton thread, fake-fur patches, and chains for his strings.

He’s not quite complete – there’s still a bit of painting to do, and I need to make a cross bar. Here are some images of how the little fella has come together.


Merry Krampusnacht!


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