Art of the Everyday

Continuing my challenge of creating something new every day (see Daily Creative blog post), here are the latest delights:

10 January

A once-inch robot, sent from the future, perhaps, to collect seeds in order to repopulate a post-human world with plant life. To me he has a rather jolly, jaunty pose, and possibly a bit sassy.

I Robot

11 January 

After a misty morning walk to work, a rough first-draft first stanza of a poem about an old man drawn into the sea by the singing of his dead wife:


12 January

A photograph. Faces that tells stories, as art imitates life.


13 January 

An unfinished sketch


14 January 

The world is a terrible place, and here is man’s primal groan in response.


15 January 

From a face of contorted madness to a visage of implacable sobriety.

Sculpey Face

16 January 

And another little figure, half face, half mask. I seem to have a problem with symmetry.

Sculpey Face 2

17 January

Bournemouth Pier on a winter’s night.


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