The Final Challenge

Concluding my month of creating something new every day of January, I am delighted to present the final pieces. (I’ve given myself the last couple of days off, because I can!)

I am not sure how successful this has been really. In many ways, doing this has distracted me from getting on with my other projects. When I have dedicated more time to other things, the result is often an under-worked and unsatisfying creation for that day.

Or maybe this is the important point, to be able to create without concern for the end result? To let go and make. In some instances, I’ve tickled the edges of something I have found quite interesting and might return to with a bigger and more complex project.

Anyway, here they are.

18 January 

Just enjoying some Pre-Raphaelite art at the moment, here is a quick five minute response.

18 Rossetti

19 January 

This is an attempt at a self portrait – an anonymous self portrait. Although you cannot see my face, what does it reveal about me, if anything?

19 Self portrait 1

20 January 

I was intrigued by yesterday’s self portrait project and again tried something a bit different. I caught sight of how wrinkly the skin around my eyes becomes when I smile or crease my face up. I’d never really seen it before quite so starkly, and in some ways this image reveals the shocking realisation of my own ageing process. To me, it borders on, but never quite invades, the realms of the Vaguely Obscene and the Crumpledly Comforting.

20 Self portrait 2

21 January 

With little time today to spare, I made another quick sketch of something a little pre-Raphaelitillian.

21 IMG_7080

22 January 

Two more two-minute sketches.

22 b IMG_7159

22 a IMG_7158

23 January 

Today, my wife treated me to a half hour massage after work, and when I was waiting in the lounge area, I quite liked the lights and shadows.

24 January 

A found object, a crumpled and heartbroken note, ‘When you say nice things to me it upsets me more’.

24 IMG_7180

25 January 

This picture was drawn using my 13 month old daughter’s crayons. Her squiggles are far better than mine.

25 IMG_7182

26 January 

The lonely sea and the sky.

26 IMG_7186

27 January 

A quick sketch with some pastel pencils.

27 IMG_7185

28 January 

More sketchiness.

28 Pic small

29 January 

Glorious sunset over the sea.

29 Photo Bournemouth



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