Three Sisters

I wrote this piece of music for the piano 17 years ago! It’s still not very good, but it holds a special place in my heart.

It’s only called Three Sisters because of the three part structure, it was really envisaged to be music for a noirish short movie in which a detective is haunted by the child victims of a murderer he never caught, and who is pursued by barely-seen monstrous villains lurking in the darkness, in a city somewhere between life and death.

For want of anything else to illustrate it, here are some pictures from a roll of film I recently rediscovered (see my previous blog post Positively Negative), of images taken in London, mostly of my then-lovely-girlfriend, now-lovely-wife. The connection is the urban location, although these images are not remotely nightmarish.

A lot of the images were wildly over-exposed, which is why they look so rough, as I have tried to rescue them. I rather like the effect. Anyway, hope you enjoy the music and the images.




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