AUB Summer Show

In my commitment to the cultural education of my toddler, we popped in recently to the Arts University Bournemouth BA Summer Show to take a look at the work of the students from the last year.

I love student work, which is usually a kaleidoscopic mix of the terrible and the brilliant, but always a fascinating glimpse into the creative process of young, free and fertile minds.

In response, I was inspired to loosen up my painting style, and approach the canvas left-handed. Here is the sketchy portrait I came out with.


While not great, I prefer it a great deal more than some of my other recent work.

We didn’t have a lot of time, so we just took in the work of the Fine Art and Modelmaking students.

Here are some of the works that stood out for me. Apologies I didn’t note every artist’s name, and some were not labelled. There were also a number of excellent sound and video pieces that I couldn’t capture in the same way.

And there was even a ball pool art piece and a balloon room that made it very enjoyable for my little girl.

I would have loved to have seen some more of the other disciplines, but it was a nice morning out and just brilliant to see some bonkers work, and also to see what a great job they are doing at AUB.

I bumped into my modelmaking tutor from way back, and he is starting to create a puppet making course, which I am very excited about.

And finally, my absolute favourite work out of everything that we saw, by a young artist called Bree Jammet, who is part of a great artistic family, and whose sculptures I saw last year at the Russell-Cotes. I have an inkling he’ll do very well.

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