Before and After

I have experimented with double exposure photography a couple of times in the past (see Double Vision, Between Worlds and Double Trouble) with limited success. I really enjoy the random and unpredictable results, so I tried it again, this time with the first exposures of my pregnant wife, and the second time round with the baby after he was born.

There are a couple of hits among them, and a lot of misses, but it was a fun project. If I was capable of greater discipline then I am sure I could have made better records of what was previously taken, but it’s the random element that makes it fun, really.

What makes it special to me of course is that it is a record of my wife’s pregnancy and the early days of the life of our son. Time behaves quite strangely during these months – it is marked so clearly by the mother’s changing body as the baby grows inside, and it feels both alarmingly quick and (sometimes) agonisingly slow.

And then, in a matter of hours, the baby is born and you enter a whole new complicated experience of time, where night and day merge, and sleep becomes a distant memory, and life has changed forever although it feels like it was always meant to be this way.

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