Egg Heads

Easter has arrived, with all the promise of spring and perhaps some renewed hope for the world.

Riffing off the egg theme, I am creating a series of clown heads out of blown eggs, just for the fun of it really. Perhaps I will expand one day and make some egg-head marionettes to add to my collection.

For now, these are just some sketches for characters for my great theatrical circus nightmare experience that will never be written but forever remain sublime and extraordinary in my imagination. I first had inklings of it back in the post Mayday Circus.

The rough plot revolves around a murdered clown, the investigation into his death, the violent takeover of the circus by a mad clown, and a reporter who has innocently come to do a piece on the circus and who must be kept away from the crime at all costs (and who eventually goes undercover as a clown to find the truth).

Here are two of my characters, Laika and Misere. More to follow…


IMG_1250 (1)



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