Yolk Folk

My final post on these ridiculous little clown eggs, celebrating Easter 2020. Silly it may be, but my creative time is usually just five minutes here and ten minutes there, so this kind of endeavour suits me I guess.

While it has been quite good fun, I do feel like there is a more interesting project lurking around the edges of this circus ring.

This time we have the true heroine of the piece – Marata, who is actually an undercover reporter who embraces her inner clown and rather enjoys the chance to shed the structures and decencies of society but, it perhaps, is driven a little too close to the edge of the abyss.

And Dimmo – a jolly sort, with an end-of-the-Pier stand-up comedian vibe, showing off his trademark jaunty toupee and oversized bow tie. Mostly clueless, he is destined (sadly) to be the next victim in this gruesome mystery.

I hope you have all had a chance to enjoy the Easter weekend amid all the sickness and sadness. I am not religious particuarly, but the story of Easter has a simple but monumental resonance, that light and life and hope can be found after the darkest of days.

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