Sea Dreams

I was standing on the shore of an island, and small lobster creatures were moving in and out of the sea. They were sinister and unpleasant, and it slowly dawned on me that dreams were made by these things, spun under the waves from some organic fluid that they produced. It was a chilling and grotesque realisation. And then I woke from this dream that was not quite a nightmare.

I am trying in vain to teach myself to be a lucid dreamer. A lot of people I have spoken to have said that at times in their lives they have naturally been able to dream lucidly, which came as a shock to me, as I have never even come close.

All the advice seems to be to begin by trying to remember and record your dreams, and since starting this process I have certainly be having more vivid and frankly weird dreams, and one of these was about the lobster dream-spinners.

In order to find some creative expression of this new endeavour and the trippy results, I have made a dream catcher inspired by this dream – a Sea-Dream catcher, made with things I have found living near the coast, with some added sculpted bits. Perhaps it will become a tool to help me navigate the swirling seas of the dreamworld, and all the delights, delirium and dangers that stalk beneath the waters.

This is my second attempt at a dreamcatcher, after one I made for our son (see Catching Dreams).

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