Visual Diary- March

The online course I’m doing on Domestika is encouraging me to keep a visual diary, as a way of seeing the world around me a bit more, I guess honing my instinct to look for interesting things and stories.

I’m going to try and post monthly some of the images I take, just on my iPhone, so that I can see if my eye improves over time, or if there are certain themes or motifs that emerge strongly .

The instructions also said to be a tourist in your own city, to seek out new things and see the world differently. I think there’s probably a lot of crossover with these two tasks but I might try and make the tourist thing into more of a self contained project and the visual diary into a longer term practice.

Anyway, here are some selected images, mainly of details of trees I walk past on my commute; graffiti/messages that people insert into public spaces; textures in mould; pareidolia; and pipes and wires in the building where I work – because it’s all painted in a vaguely fleshy pink it feels slightly obscene, which is interesting.

This first image doesn’t really fit any of those themes but does seem apt for this endless lockdown! There’s also a few randoms at the end.

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