Life’s Rich Pattern

I started the process of making a puppet for my daughter a while ago (see My Four Year Old Could Do Better). I have now cut out the sections of the pattern, which I stuck down to a bit of paper, drew around, and photocopied to blow it up to a larger size. That was a bit of guesswork, so fingers crossed the size is vaguely correct. There’s so much here that could go wrong!

The darts are probably the most complicated bit, because I couldn’t find any kind of guide that could say where to put them. Also, I’ve made things difficult for myself by trying to build an asymmetrical puppet, because otherwise you only need to pattern half of the thing and then duplicate each piece.

I have transferred the pattern to the foam, and the next stage will be to stick them all together. This is where it may all become a disaster, especially as I had to use two different thicknesses of foam based on what scraps I had lying around. I guess we’ll find out pretty soon…

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