Where Everybody Knows Your Name

It probably doesn’t warrant its own blog post, but I’m quite pleased with my efforts to create a little environment for my diorama project for a Domestika course I’m doing, so here are a few pictures. I’ve textured the back wall with clay, painted the bottom board and having been so impressed with how the bar has turned out will make some floorboards out of lollipop sticks.

I’ve also sculpted a crude little keg out of sculpey which I’ve painted black but needs a few layers of brown colours to look a bit more realistic. Should I try and make a bar stool? I think that might be over complicating things.

So the making is nearly done, but the final product is to be an image for an album cover, so I have to figure out how to light the scene, use my terrible iphone camera to take the pictures, and then try and edit it with Paint, because I can’t afford photoshop at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Where Everybody Knows Your Name

    1. Thanks Crafty Rat! I was so happy with the bar, and how simple it was! I think I’ll leave the stool for now. The project is to create an imagined album cover, so I reckon I’m going to keep it as simple and uncluttered as I can. I’m keen to keep trying to make model scenery though.

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