Butcher Boy

Another new puppet in the early stages of progress, so far using papier-mâché, but I think once all the layers are done I will try adding a further layer of latex and see if I can create a nicely fleshy hog skin. I expect I’ll make a pig’s ear of it 🙂

Back in the day, sinister porcinologists used diabolical genetic sciences to create a breed of pigs with greater yields of meat. However these fiendish methods caused an acceleration in the evolution of the group of pigs, who grew into more humanoid beings, but this also caused lumpen growths to appear.

The pigs took their bloody vengeance on the cruel scientists, and then fled into the shadows to lead a miserable secret shameful solitary existence.

They called themselves the Butcher Boys, and knew that they would be safer if they lived a life of hermitage.

But over time, some of them realised that they had skills that could be useful (although perhaps not desirable) to human society, and took jobs as bodyguards, private soldiers, bouncers, and other more shadowy roles.

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