Island of Memories

I’ve got such a block with the illustration module I’m trying to do at the moment on domestika that I’ve thrown caution to the wind and attempted to free myself up by making an ambitious (for me) story book about a man who returns to the island he grew up on, bringing his son to see the annual Festival of Animals.

I’m not planning what the images will look like and it doesn’t matter at all to me if they are good or bad (although I’d really like them to be good!) I’ve got a vague idea of the story. The main point is to loosen up and have fun and play with composition and just get used to drawing. Im not good at exercises so I realise I need to make it a project to try and trick myself into learning and growing.

I am drawing with oil pastels onto an old copy of the Big Issue that I have painted over with acrylic paints in completely random colours.

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