A Thousand Bad Pictures Pt 1

Perhaps a bit of an over-exaggeration as I have no intention of creating 1000 pictures, but I’ve been struggling away with my online illustration course I’m doing, agonising over how to do thumbnails, and what medium to use and so on, and then I remembered that you basically have to make a lot of bad things before you can start to make good things.

It’s no use planning things out in great detail if I don’t even have the foundation to be able to plan properly.

So I have started rattling off illustrations, some based on the thumbnails I did for A Christmas Carol & Bricriu’s Feast and some just random ideas, and it doesn’t matter in the slightest whether they are good, bad or hideous, because what’s important is the general level of unconscious awareness that I will develop just by doing. So here we go. Some are better than others, I guess.

Scrooge Meets His Younger Self:

Ignorance and Want:

The Hound:

The young bride found the butterblossom by the light of the full moon:

Baroness De la Reve was celebrating with her sisters:

Jack’s luck finally ran out when the third Ace of Hearts popped out of his sleeve:

The old lady whistled happily on her way home. This was going to be a good day!

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