My friends and I are entering our forties this year. One of our long-standing traditions has been to watch the Eurovision Song Contest together every year, and we decided that this significant year would be the right opportunity to go and see the actual show.

Sadly we couldn’t get tickets, but we went to Turin anyway, and we watched the whole thing on a big screen surrounded by thousands of people. It was an unexpectedly brilliant year for the UK, so quite a good Eurovision to have experienced.

I had seen that there is a vaguely obscure hashtag #draweurovision. You’re supposed to draw the acts live as they perform and post as soon as you’re done. This would’ve been a bit tricky in a festival atmosphere with no internet so I did a few pictures when we watched the show back on tv (because Graham Norton’s commentary is the best bit).

The pictures are rubbish so I didn’t post them, but I hope they serve as my reminder of what a great time we had. I started a few watercolour sketches of Turin as well, which I’ll finish up and post soon, hopefully.

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