House of Witches

Art Journal – July/ August

I’m trying out a new creative endeavour, and am arriving late to the art journal phenomenon. I wasn’t sure if this sort of thing would suit me (it might, because it seems revolve around low key, small scale, everyday creative activity using lots of different ideas and textures and techniques, which is very appealing), or whether I would abandon it within a few weeks (because the pressure to stick to one thing tends to drive me crazy).

I’m still not sure at the moment. I’m definitely not able to make the sort of immaculate and beautiful art journals that other people seem to achieve. I guess mine is really just a random sketch book?

I think my mistake was trying to do something every day, even though that was half the point – to respond specifically to what I was doing or thinking or feeling. I don’t seem to do well with these sorts of challenges, and I ended up missing out lots of days, although it’s prompted me to play around with some ideas I’ve been exploring recently, like making lumen prints from drawn illustrations, which is something I think I’ll carry on developing.

Here is a selection of pages:

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