Ob’s Theme

I was playing around with a little tune while I was in the process of creating my illustrations for Ob in the Land of Fairytales, and the two became so combined in my mind that I decided to make the music the theme to the story.

Which also meant making a new image, so I could illustrate this post with something, and I wasn’t sure what to draw, so I went back to the AI programme and created a tiny little story just by inputting the first few words and seeing what it came up with.

Ob sat beneath the fairy tree and dreamed of the future. 

“There’s a place for us in the future, just as there was a place for us in the past,” he said. “We just have to be willing to wait. We’ll see each other again, my friend.” 

And in that moment, when the wind rustled through the leaves of the fairy tree, Ob knew that he had been wrong to doubt the fates. The fates are real, he had learned. The fates are true. And for the first time in his life, he was happy.

Anywhere, here is the tune, and the picture.

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