Freaky Friends

Another slow week, so I’ve just looked up a few old friends I have made along the way, and here’s who I found lurking in the back of a hidden compartment of the cabinet of monsters.

Brother Hearevil, a long-suffering plasticine monk, who has sewn up his eyes and mouth with metal wire, to avoid speaking sinful thoughts or seeing sinful things. Who knows what obscene visions have driven him to this self-inflicted nightmare?!


The Salisbury Scarecrow. I destroyed him, but I have heard rumours that he has been seen again in recent times…


The Byrch-Kinning, spirit lord of the twilight woods. Treat him with respect and you might be led safely through the forest. I dare not speak of what happens if you cross him.

A clay-faced punk, still out there somewhere causing trouble.

Sand faces, that appear spontaneously along the shoreline. They are the voices of the ocean, and just as soon as they have appeared they are washed away.

This little chap, called Tim Foil, who was born from a time I was kept on hold on the telephone at work and had idle hands.


This milliput warrior, inspired by the ubiquitous sculpture of the Dying Gaul (with a hint of that other Gaul, Asterix). Intended to be trapped and suffocated under a glass dome, I suspect this project has been abandoned forever.

And these blutac guardians of my computer, ensuring that I work hard and meet my targets.


Our modelmaking tutor encourages us to just constantly sketch in 3D, with blutac, plasticine, playdoh, clay, putty, whatever materials come to hand. I definitely could do a lot more, but it feels nice to think that I have intermittently been doing this sort of thing for a while.

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