Krampus is coming…

Model Making Week 6 – Puppets 

Although I didn’t get to finish it, my Krampus marionette has progressed a little. He now has a head of grey sculpey, and his body is mostly assembled. I’ve also sculpted a freaky hand for him, although that in itself took hours.



Now he needs another hand, some kind of feet, some hair, a costume and some strings! He’ll also need painting, and I may decide to give him a sack and/ or a whip and maybe a chain round his neck. Oh and possibly some cowbells.

This section of the course is over now, so I’ll carry on working on him in my own time, and with any luck he’ll be ready by Christmas in order to start terrorising those marionette children.

For some reason, it all makes me want to watch the brilliant Fanny and Alexander directed by Ingmar Bergman, featuring (among other wonderful things) a shop of leering puppets.


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