Henry’s Head

It has been about a year since I completed a short evening course doing head sculpture from life.

The things that struck me the most were: how unusual it is to really look at someone so intently for so long (it felt both revelatory and slightly intrusive); how cathartic it is to work with your hands over long periods of time; and how much fun it is to sculpt.

The venue was Salisbury Arts Centre, our teacher was the brilliant Charlotte Moreton, and our model was Henry – and here is an approximation of his head as it grew out of a lumpen mass of clay.

IMG_9454This is how he grew.

01010201IMG_9457IMG_9463IMG_9469This workshop was a birthday gift for my dad, who managed to turn Henry into the most amazing primal, ogroid face.


I’m realising more and more that sculpting is at the heart of everything I want to do, and that these are crucial skills to develop.

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