Little Green Men

In my geek-addled youth I was quite a fan of Games Workshop and collected Citadel Miniatures with a great fervour.

This was in the days when there was still a healthy dose of punk and heavy metal about the Warhammer world, when it was mostly low fantasy and set in an alternate Holy Roman Empire-style setting, where Tolkienesque Elvish and Dwarven archetypes had grown weird and grown mullets, and rubbed shoulders with Moorcroft-inspired anarchy and the Lovecraftian horror of the twisted powers of Chaos. And the future was a wasteland of war, in a filthy universe of medieval-inspired religious apocalyptic madness.

Even in my young days I was fascinated by the craftsmanship that went into sculpting figures that were barely 2cm tall. I can never hope to be that good, but here are a few wild stabs at giving it a go. I used ‘green stuff’ modelling putty over wire armatures stuck to corks. These are not finished, clearly, but ongoing works in progress.

When you mix the two separate parts of green stuff it takes on a chewing gum consistency which is actually really difficult to sculpt. As it dries it becomes slightly easier but there comes a point at which it’s too dry to sculpt and then I find it starts breaking off, but that’s probably the bad technique of a beginner.



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