Month of Making

Creative Everyday Challenge – Part One

I am finding my creative impulses slowing down, which is perfectly normal, but I want to find ways to force myself to push through it, so as difficult as I found it last time, I have decided to do another month of doing something creative every day.

I wrangled for a while about whether this should be a period of rampant experimenting, to maximise the sense of challenging myself, or if I should really focus down on one process or medium to hone the craft in that particular area. In the end I decided that I am simply not in a position to make that decision. With a full time job and a demanding baby, I’ll be lucky to manage anything.

Thursday 1 March 

Here is a quick abstract painted seascape with moonlight, inspired by my life in Bournemouth. This is something I’ve never really tried before. I’m interested in seeing what different things you can do with watercolours.


Friday 2 March

With all the random snow we’ve had, here is my fairytale snow scene. The wolves are howling.

Snow scene

Saturday 3 March 

Some rapid sketches, for fun.

01 Sketch Mick02 Sketch Vince03 Sketch Sarah04 Sketch Steve08 Sketch

Sunday 4 March 

This is a portrait of the Virgin Mary, a quick and unfinished sketch in watercolour. She is not the perfect woman of Catholic mythology, but a troubled soul – a desert woman who has seen her world torn apart, whose homeland is ruled by an occupying force, who carries the weight of Herod’s sins on her shoulders, and who is hardened by a life of political strife. She is haunted by a prescient feeling that tragedy will consume her child, knowledge that the world will never again be the same.


Monday 5 March

Another quick sketch


Tuesday 6 March

Still can’t get the pre-Raphaelites out of my system


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