Making March

Creative Everyday Challenge – Part Two

My second installment of the March merry month of Making.


Wednesday 7 March

This watercolour portrait isn’t finished, so I may return to it later in the month. I really enjoyed doing my Virgin Mary portrait last week so I thought I’d have another punt at painting and I was quite pleased with this one.

Watercolour portrait


Thursday 8 March 

I had very little time today so these tiny sketches were all I could come up with.

10 Sketch on the go.jpg

09 Sketch on the go


Friday 9 March 

Not technically something I created today, but a photograph taken a while ago of Suffolk’s misty coast at Aldeburgh, which I did some photoshopping on today, so as far as I’m concerned still a creative activity. Today we drove back for a brief visit to Suffolk, so it was on my mind, and this was a quick and easy thing to do after a day of travelling.

Suffolk Mists


Saturday 10 March 

Some very super quick sketches that I did in a cafe.


Sunday 11 March 

With a bit more time on my hands today, I tried picking up my watercolour brushes again, and this was the result. I think it’s unlikely I’ll ever return to it to keep working on it. I’d rather just use it as a quick exercise in seeing what happens when you use watercolour. I did some watercolour life sketches a while back in this blog post, and I feel that the successful ones are the ones that use blank space most effectively. I have lost that here.

Watercolour portrait 2


Monday 12 March 

Some sketches



05 Sketch Lady


Tuesday 13 March 

Not too happy with this one, I think if I’d kept playing with layers of blue then maybe it would be a bit more interesting???



Wednesday 14 March 

And another attempt at a watercolour portrait, with more earthy colours this time. I really like the act of painting, I must try and find a course at some point that will teach me how to do it properly.

Watercolour portrait 3

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