March On

Creative Everyday Challenge – Part Three

The third instalment of the March merry month of Making.


Thursday 15 March

Had a long old day at work today, but managed to squeeze in a quickish sketch, inspired by Guido Reni’s Mary Magdalene.



Friday 16 March 

I had another punt at another watercolour portrait. It feels like watercolour is the predominant theme of this month of making. Last time it was probably sculpey. Anyway, I was really disappointed with my efforts today. As always, I instinctively aim for detail, but the more I do the more I ruin things. That’s OK though, as this task is about learning and developing, and you probably learn a lot more from your failures.


Old dude


Saturday 17 March

This is unusual for me and my short attention span, but here I returned to yesterday’s painting to keep working on it.




Sunday 18 March

A little sculpture.


Monday 19 March

At it again.



Tuesday 20 March

First stab at another portrait

Girl sketch.JPG

Girl red


Wednesday 21 March

Today, a sketch in pen.



Thursday 22 March

Another quick sketch in pen. It’s a nice cathartic process.



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