Magpie Waltz

When I met my wife for the first time we fell desperately in love and had a whirlwind romance. She had already accepted a job in Los Angeles so we knew it would be a fleeting romance. She played the accordion and, although I didn’t at the time, I wrote this piece of music as a parting gift for her.

I went out to visit her and we explored LA and San Francisco, and then decided to go our separate ways. When she returned to her home shores we gave it another try, and never looked back. Today we celebrate our second wedding anniversary, and this little tune is a nice reminder for me of those spring days when we fell in love.

The tune seems messy to me now (and poorly performed and recorded), but I was very proud of it at the time, and it is special part of our story. It was inspired in part by Yann Tiersen’s soundtrack for the film Amelie, which we both love. Many years later we would see Yann perform live at the Roundhouse in Camden, but sadly he did not perform anything from the film.



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