Made It

Today is a double celebration! I have made it to the end of my month of making, and this is my 50th blog post. I’m amazed that I have had enough material to get this far, even if some of it is a little bit ropey. It has definitely encouraged me to create more than I ever have before, and I feel really positive about that.

The same can be said of the month of making project. In review, I feel like pushing myself, particularly with the painting, has genuinely developed me a tiny bit, or at least opened up my understanding of how much more I have to do to actually improve. I know much better now how much I don’t know.


Friday 23 March 

A woman, in watercolour, in her dressing gown.

23 - Lady in a dressing gown


Saturday 24 March 

A fearsome old man, acrylics this time. Those paints really dry fast!!

24 - Fearsome old dude 3


Sunday 25 March 

A man, acrylics.

25 - Man with adams apple


Monday 26 March 

A return to a previously unfinished portrait. This was my wedding anniversary, so frankly I was too busy to do any more.

26 - Lady in red and blue


Tuesday 27 March 

A cartoon figure in pen.

27 - Steph and Monster


Wednesday 28 March 

A pencil sketch, and not a happy man.

28 - Not a happy face


Thursday 29 March 

The beginnings of a woman, intended to represent Cassandra, who could see the future, but was doomed never to be believed. Sometimes, with the insane political catastrophes that are lurching the world into ever greater uncertainty, it feels like there are a lot of Cassandras around at the moment.

29 - Cassandra


Friday 30 March 

She’s becoming a bit of a familiar face.

30 - Lady next attempt


Saturday 31 March 

And to conclude, two nudes.


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