Monstrous Highlights

Yet another year has passed here in the time-gnawed Cabinet of Monsters. It was a slow start, but has picked up suddenly over the summer with an unexpected creative boost, which I hope will continue on into the new year.

I thought that after two years of intermittent blogging, it might be a chance to do a ‘clips episode’ style post, and have picked ten images from the last two years that have been highlights for me. There were plenty of lowlights, but here are some of the pictures that still make me smile, from time to time.

  1. Boy with wing-spines

His First Pair of Wings

2. The Morrigan 

Erin Crow 6

3. The Snowman meets Hellraiser


4. Krampus in chains


5. The Hand of Glory


6. Ghost beach of Suffolk


7. Blushing Bride



8. Plaintive penguin

Penguin 1

9. My Dad


10. Autumn Automaton


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