Three Year Itch

Today I mark the three year anniversary of the Cabinet of Monsters, which is quite exciting. I am not sure what doing all this has taught me, but my creative activity has definitely kept me sane over these three years, and especially during this weird and horrible COVID-19 time.

My very first post, Appleheads, seems like a lifetime ago, and I thought it would be a nice tribute to make a new Applehead figure. So here he is – some kind of twisted Warlock – a sign of the darkening of the times, and the strange magic that pervades the world at the moment.

Three years ago, things in the world seemed to be becoming incredibly unstable, and sadly there has been little improvement. We just seem to be lurching deeper into the abyss. The Warlock has crawled out of this abyss, crumpled and rotten to the core.

Words have power, they are magic – they can change the world. In an era of fake news and conspiracy, this magic has become distorted – words no longer hold their intrinsic meaning but become empty – a form of non-communication, like nonsense poetry. Like a Beckett novel disintegrating, taking the world with it. This is the work of the Warlock. May his head rot, and his magic be undone.

Anyway, he’s not finished, but I felt I really needed to post this on the specific anniversary. Each year I have tried to take stock a little bit, once in A Year Among Monsters, and then in Monstrous Highlights.

In other news, here is a beetroot who, despite everything, is finding his groove. We could perhaps all afford to be a bit more groovy beetroot and a bit less evil Warlock.

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