Journal of the Plague Year

It seems overly obvious to suggest that we are living through strange and unsettling times. The world grinds to a shuddering halt as we wait for the horrors of the coming weeks and months to reveal themselves.

This horrible thing will doubtless run its course, and a new dawn will follow. It may be the disruption that our rampant and self-destructive culture needs in order to restore the world to a wholesome balance. We have built a society that endlessly seeks to create more and more money, and in doing so we are destroying lives and devastating our precious planet.

Our leaders have acted poorly, and made bad judgements, and the land has become a wasteland. Health and fecundity will return, and natural order will be restored. Sadly we just have to watch the falling apart of the world before it is renewed.

Quite how to document creatively our experiences of the next few months is a bit of a difficult one to address. Perhaps a period of social distancing (and I suspect complete lockdown in the near future) will allow for more time to devote to making things.

Tonight I started a couple of projects. Here is one, in a very incomplete state. Where will it go, what will it be, will it even turn into anything? The uncertainty feels entirely appropriate.

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