On Your Dreams

Today is Piano Day, the 88th day of the year, corresponding to the number of keys on a piano. I knew I wanted to try and write some more music but it is impossible to play anything at home without the kids getting involved, which is fun but not very productive.

So the other day I decided just to write a very simple lullaby, which came to me when I was desperately trying to settle our baby to sleep. I guess the apocalyptic atmosphere contributed to the feel in the lyrics. Lullabies often seem to have a dark element to them.

I am not good enough to write anything complicated, but I reckon simple tunes can be very satisfying. Also, I don’t actually have a piano, just a ropey old keyboard, so apologies for not only the poor quality of the playing, but also the dreadful quality of the sound.

It’s not the first lullaby I have tried to write – you can find the other one here. This isn’t a finished piece, but just a little exercise really. Maybe it will inspire me to write more.

Go to sleep my little baby

Hush your crying and be calm

Though the world outside is burning

You are safe here in my arms

Do not heed your father’s weeping

Do not mind how bad it seems

You are full of hope and wonder

Build a new world on your dreams

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