Lullabies for a Broken World

After a long time of not really feeling it, I have found myself drawn back to the piano. I really enjoyed writing a short lullaby a while ago and I thought it would be nice to encourage my rediscovered pleasure at the keyboard by writing a few lullabies.

I wrote one after the birth of my son, called On Your Dreams, although I think I need to re-record a better version, and I also wrote another one, many a long year ago, which you can check out in The Lullaby Box post, if you fancy it.

As far as I know there isn’t any kind of rules for a lullaby, but I like the idea because I imagine lullabies to be inherently simple, which is much less intimidating than a more complex piece.

As a parent, they are interesting, the idea of trying to soothe your child through music, and maybe it’s just me but there’s something poignant about the innocence of a child in this world full of corruption and cruelty.

This one is called The Uncertain Child.

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