Ill Met By Moonlight

I was trying to take the opportunity to tidy up, and found an old sketching pad of black paper and a set of chalk pastels, and I thought it might be good fun to try and do some drawings on black.

I’m quite enjoying the work of Noel Fielding at the moment, inspired by his appearance on Grayson’s Art Club, and am working on another series of pictures as a response, but I think some of that style has seeped into this mini project too.

For no reason that is apparent to me, the subject I chose was the teeming fairy multitudes in the court of Titania, and they’re neither the noble hosts of Celtic myth, nor the twee little sentimental creatures of the Victorian imagination – these are creepy, nasty twisted little things, made of vein and vine; bioluminscent, violent, beautiful and ugly. At least that’s what I was aiming for.

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