One Walk a Day

Here are some photos from this very strange year of 2020 when coronavirus changed everything (following Life in Lockdown and Lockdown Lens). I got in the habit of recording our one walk a day on my lomo fisheye camera, and here are the pictures of one of those walks.

The extraordinary summer has seemed miles away from the brooding dark horror of the virus, although yesterday a Major Incident was declared on Bournemouth Beach because of the huge scale of the crowds turning up, travelling from as far away as Derby! Even the summer now is repugnant with the rotting over-ripeness of humanity in lockdown.

Well, these pictures are of a more innocent experience of the summer at least. Now that the lockdown rules have eased a lot more it is strange to think of only being allowed out once a day, but in that time I went out a lot more than I do now. I guess you appreciate things more when they are rare. It did feel like a really special thing to have these walks with Erin, I must try and continue.

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