Something Fishy

Today is Expired Film Day according to some. In anticipation, I took a photo every single day throughout February on an old expired colour film from Jessops, using my Lomo Fisheye camera.

I have also lost the viewfinder for it, which is a little detachable thing, so I was taking images blind, which might go some way to explaining some of the dodgy compositions.

There are not quite 29 images, because some of them didn’t come out. It was an interesting challenge to take a photo every day, and it forces you to look at familiar themes – for me: family, home, work, and particularly my commute to work.

There is a strange effect on many of the pictures, like an otherworldly veil falling across the scene – could it be the effect of the expiry of the film, or damage caused by the camera, or by the lab equipment, or something on the lens, or most likely indeed – some opening into another dimension?

Not satisfying as a project, but maybe something to come back to – summer might be a better time to explore more photography.

Here, the good and the bad, are the results:

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