Moon on the Snow

This is a little sketch in music inspired by the wintertime and named by my daughter, which I really liked because it reminded me of the line in A Visit from St Nicholas that says:

‘The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow

Gave the lustre of mid-day to the objects below’

I feel like the music I write is probably really obvious and anyone who does proper composing would be embarrassed to listen to it, so my answer to this is to write a piece that is a bit more expressive and finds its own rhythms and rhymes, but makes little to no attempt to fit to a time signature.

The aim was to use the music to illustrate the idea of different worlds meeting in the moonlight of Christmastime, of the openings between different realities growing and shrinking, of magic seeping into the world. No idea how successful I have been with any of that, but that was the intention. I don’t particularly like the piece, and I’m sure it’s even more embarrassing than my other music, but I found the process interesting.

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