Art of the Amateur

I have reached a pretty decent milestone today with post number 300! And looking back, I’m really proud of what I have achieved, and if some of it was complete rubbish then that’s ok, because some of it I think has been alright, and anyway this is all basically a record of my attempts to improve.

I think this is the age of the amateur artist, especially throughout these lockdowns, when many people (not me sadly) have had more time on their hands by being furloughed, and loads of people have turned to creative hobbies to get them through the drudgery, anxiety and heartbreak.

People have been making rainbows and posters to go in their windows, turning suburbia into an unusual and slightly repetitive art gallery; crafting has become a major feature in many people’s lives, with knitting, sewing, etc. on the increase; people have been singing from their balconies and even doing puppet performances; and the whole world is going to be reflecting and coming to terms with the impact of the virus and the lockdowns for many years to come. I suspect that there may be many exhibitions and displays in the future of works created by ordinary people, as an expression of this extraordinary time.

I had hoped by this stage that I might be more skilled than I am, like a sort of graduation from the University of Amateurville, but I suspect I would have failed the final exams, and I’m still struggling away.

I’d like to take more classes if i can, when the world starts opening up more, and I’d like to share my work more and get more feedback. I love being an amateur but I still want to improve.

One recent step forward that I have achieved is the redecoration of our conservatory, which has petty much become my workshop space (and also working-from-home office). My wife was definitely the mastermind behind this, so I have her to thank, and all my stuff is now vaguely organised to hopefully help me carry on making my weird stuff.

What’s coming up in the next 100 posts? Who bloody knows? I’ve got some plans for more puppets, more papier mache stuff, more odd sculptures, more music, and more drawing, but at the moment plans change fast, and I am quite happy to juggle a lot of different projects each jostling for attention. That’s half the fun.

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