The Four Hundred Club

Somehow I’ve managed to reach 400 blog posts, which seems like a vaguely significant milestone. Here, if you are at all interested, are 300, 200 and 100.

I try to use these opportunities to look at my progress and development, and I think at this stage the themes and motifs that I feel repeat themselves frequently through the weird stuff that I make are:

Folklore and folk traditions (pretty obvious);

Textures (this was a bit of an unexpected one) – I guess it stands out because I’m constantly trying a bit of everything, but maybe I’m going to end up being drawn to making things that adopt different textures and techniques?;

Playfulness (I think this isn’t just a reflection of the stage I’m at – I think that being playful will drive my creativity for as long as I’m able to do it);

and the Meeting of Different Worlds or Realities.

Is any of this particularly insightful? Possibly not, but it might be fun to look at these themes again in another hundred posts.

I wasn’t sure how to illustrate any of this visually, so here are some images of the early stages of a recent head project I have been working at.

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