Book of the Dead

I’m struggling a bit to know exactly what to do with my skin-bound book to make it OK, so I think all I can do is abandon it. I’ve painted in some brown edges to make it look a little more deteriorated and possible singed, but unless I start from scratch I think this will just have to do. I’m really unhappy particularly with the eyes and mouth. And the nose (holes).

This is part of a project I call Museum of the Macabre, where I’m making a series of sinister objects for a Halloween event. Are they props? Are they sculptures? Does it matter?

2 thoughts on “Book of the Dead

  1. You’ve got some great textures in there and it works really well from some angles – that last photo… it’s the sort of thing where the display conditions and lighting make a big difference to the effect. With “it’s not right but I don’t know what will fix it” projects, I just put them to one side, work on something else and see if inspiration creeps up when I’m not looking for it.


    1. Thanks very much for your comments, that’s a really great point about the display conditions, especially as it will be part of a sort of theatrical experience! I’ll have to give that some thought, and maybe try some different lighting options. I think you’re right about leaving it too, and waiting for inspiration – I’m never sure whether it’s better to wait for inspiration to strike or try and push through a block!


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