Lame at Landscapes

We’ve been away on a little road trip over the Easter Holidays, and my way of trying to maintain creativity on the trip was to keep a little travel journal, and in preparation for this I did a series of very simple watercolour landscapes just to try and get a bit more familiar with the medium. I’ve done a few watercolour projects on this blog, some which turned out better than others, but I feel really uncertain about the techniques.

I’ll share some of the few images from the journal that weren’t completely terrible soon, but in the meantime, here are the watercolour exercises that I did. I don’t feel like watercolour is a natural fit for me, but sometimes I’ll stumble on a watercolour artist that I really love, like Felix Scheinberger or Lee White, and I’ll think that actually it can be an amazing medium. Not so much here, I’m afraid!

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