Bin Bag Beryl

This jolly lady lives in the endless plains of landfill, camouflaged as a bin bag against the more sinister occupants of that den of filth and toxicity. She has a lot of stories to tell, a lot of secrets to spill, and a laugh that’s as dirty and infectious as the world around her.

The puppet head had to be super small to fit through the hole in the top of the bin bag (which is held in shape by a wire frame). And being so small it meant she had to be pretty simple, so she’s basically just a few layers of papier mache on top of tin foil and masking tape, built around a plastic mouth made out of the lid of a butter tub. My hand barely fits in, but it all kind of works, more or less.

I was going to paint her, but in the end I liked the roughness of the papier-mâché and the unfinished feel of the colours of the tissue paper. It feels like it adds to her sketchy charm.

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