Back on Track

Happy New Year!

After about three months in a wasteland of the mind, where I have been completely unable to do anything creative, I am slowly trying to get back home! It has felt like a horrible bleak darkness, a strange lack of motivation.

I don’t know what it was that completely zapped me of my energy, but I suspect it was work, and the amount of creativity I was pouring into various Halloween and Christmas events. I love being able to be creative at work, but I need to find a way to save something for myself.

Anyway, there’s no great fanfare to return to, just some sketches I’ve done to try and ease myself back in.

I also got some paints and some polymer clay for Christmas, and a couple of interesting art books, so I’m hoping that these will inspire me too!

Just before Christmas my appendix burst, so perhaps the period of forced rest has helped push me to do more.

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