This is another project that I started a long time ago, and have recently picked up again, inspired by my model making course.

The dragon’s head started life as a wooden door stop, which I covered in plasticine and sculpted into the rough shape of a dragon head, as you can see.

This skeletal head had no jaw, so I built it up into a better shape.

I covered this in a thin layer of milliput to give it some purchase, and used green stuff to sculpt all the scales on the surface. It’s a bit crude in places, but I reckon I can sort that by adding more detail later.


I had an idea long ago to create a series of pieces based on dragons, with the idea that they had really lived within the landscape where I lived at the time in Suffolk (it genuinely was a magical landscape) and that in the 1930s they had finally been hunted to extinction by local landowners, who used them for all kinds of things like decorative muffs; to light lightbulbs; and just to mount as trophies. This head was to be the first trophy.

Now having started learning about moulding and casting, I am quite keen to try it with this – it means I don’t risk damaging or ruining the original while I play around with ideas.

I intend to crack on and finish soon, so hopefully I’ll have some more images to share before too long.

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