Dark Lands

I’ve always been terrible at landscape photography, and there’s a number of reasons for this –

I haven’t got any patience with the fine detail of the technical functions of a camera

I am incapable of getting up early enough to get the perfect light (and would get frustrated if it turned out to be a grey day)

I find perfect landscapes really boring

I’m just not that great at photography in general

However, I thought I’d give it a bash and see if I could turn my ineptitude and ignorance into positive things, and what I tried to achieve was to over-emphasize mood and at the expense of quality.

I’ll let you make up your own mind, but here they are.

They are largely of the New Forest and Cranborne Chase areas, and were all shot on 35mm film.

AAA Sinister tree

Moyles Court

Moyles Court Gloomy

Moyles Court 2

Dragon tree

Insect tree


Stalking pylons

Gnarly thing

Tree branch

Skeletal tangle

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