The Withered Hand

Model Making Week 10: Own Project 

And so it is, with great sadness, that my model making course draws to a close. It has been so nice to carve out one night a week to dedicate to creative pursuits, and to learn some great new skills along the way.

Although not quite finished, I feel I am not far off with my Hand of Glory, destined for its place as a creepy exhibit in an imaginary museum.


I painted very thin acrylic washes directly onto the plaster, first the black bits to suggest the burned and rotted areas, and then a wash of blue with a hint of green, then brown, and finally pink.

The whole effect lacks a bit of subtlety and is maybe a bit more cartoonish than I would have aimed for, but under the right lighting conditions I think it could be quite effective.

And now what? Left to my own creative devices, I won’t be pushed in quite the same way. I have my eye on a couple of other possible courses, but it all depends on price and timings.



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