Last year I tried making a series of props for an imagined Museum of the Macabre, which included a pickled fairy, witch poppets and a failed giant spider corpse, and also included my withered hand that I made ages ago.

Well, I’m returning to the theme, and am working on a few more objects, and trying to give myself a bit of time before Halloween to crack on with them.

This one is a book bound in human skin (which I attempted before, not very successfully, way back in this post), so I have taken an old book and am adding layers of tissue and latex to build up the saggy wrinkly rotten details of the face.

I realise I have made an error with the nose. I can see why the book binder might pad out areas of muscle to make the face more face-like, but it seems unlikely that they would build a nose, which should probably be a hole. I’m not sure if I can cut this out at this stage, but I’ll give it a try.

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