A Year Among Monsters

We have just passed the first anniversary of this blog, and it seems like a nice opportunity to look back and forward.

I’m afraid that things have become very quiet over the summer, and this is really because I simply haven’t been making things. I have been doing a bit of writing, which I don’t think translates well into this blog, but mostly I have been busy working and hanging out with my family.

Hopefully as Winter stretches out her brittle fingers across the land I will feel more compelled to make again. I think that times of plenty and times of drought seem to be my natural creative pattern. This blog was supposed to help overcome my periods of inactivity, but although it hasn’t been entirely successful it has helped me to explore some new directions.

In the spirit of this being an arena for the expression of failure, here are some paintings I started but abandoned because they were rubbish. What a way to celebrate a birthday!



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